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Each box is hand curated by a master stylist and is a limited supply edition. Products are chosen as they meet these standards: the highest quality premium products, luxurious, easy to use & apply.


Feel Good: A percent of every purchase includes a donation to a help women thrive in business, and is donated to the Haircuts with Heart charity.


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here's an example of what you get:

  • Ibiza Oval Flat Brush
  • TechniArt Mineral Powder Fixing Spray
  • TechniArt Densité Thickening Primer
  • TechniArt True Grip Texturizing Powder
  • YS Park Hair Clips

glamorous waves made easy, even if your hair is straight!


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When do the boxes ship out?

We typically ship around the 25th of every other month, boxes arrive in 1-4 days. If you order before the 15th you'll receive your box by the end of that month. If you order after the 15th you'll receive your box the following month. If you'd like other arrangements please email and we'll do our best to accomodate!

How does the subscription process work?

Just sign up, a box will arrive on your doorstep filled with stylish products that make your styling life easier.

Does everyone get the same box?

Everybody could get the same box in some cases, but not always. We have you fill out your profile questions in order to understand your interests and activities you do. As time goes on our goal is to make it more tailored to your interests.

How much value is in each box?

We aim for $170. (retail value) in each box, it could be lower or higher depending on the items. Some months it’s going to be higher, others it could be a few bucks lower.

How do I know what’s going to be inside the box?

Each month will be a new and exciting box of hand curated premium luxurious hair care items with a different theme. This way you can be continually changing your style and getting a new fresh look. It’s also our goal at Salon Style Box to educate you how to use products properly. How many times have you purchased new hair care products but feel like you just aren’t “getting” how to use it properly. We aim to change all that! You will get step-by-step tutorials for each product so there’s no guesswork involved.

I live in a hard to reach area, what if there’s a problem with my box arriving?

If you have any questions or concerns you can email us at info@salonstylebox our normal response time is 24-48hrs. Also, as soon as your package leaves our warehouse you’re automatically emailed the tracking info.

Can I return or exchange my box?

We are confident you will love your Salon Style Box, but we understand sometimes things happen. Because Salon Style Box are limited editions, we only make a small number of boxes making returns or exchanges challenging. We do occasionally make exceptions, so please email us at info@salonstylebox with any questions or concerns.


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